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Crepax' Valentina Tribute
Valentina is one of the most appealing characters of Guido Crepax and… took it upon himself to organise a tribute exhibition in celebration of her 50th birthday. You wouldn't give her a day over 25 though. :) Many artists have participated and I could not resist as Valentina was one of those influential characters in my youth. I gave her a digital cam though as film is so 1990 :) Once there is more to link to I'll update this.

Here's how Manuel Espiritosanto describes it:
While gathering tributes from all over the world to Valentina by Guido Crepax to promote Fantagraphics upcoming collection due to the 50th Anniversary of this character created by Guido Crepax most of the times I become speechless In awe.
Valentina seems to be a feeding creative machine

American artists: Roberta Gregory, Peter Kuper, David Lasky, David Mack, Michael Avon Oeming, Michael Gaydos, Mike Huddleston, George Pratt, Jude Harzer, Kelley Jones, Paul Pope, Bill Sienkiewicz, Jeffrey Alan Love, Richard Sala, Bob Burden, Gilbert Hernandez, Bill Koeb, Arnold Pander, Brian Quinn, Brian Biggs, Katie Skelly, Zoe Demaruis Portia Flood, Ethan Persoff, Noah Van Sciver, Olivia De Berardinis , Mark Wheatley, Jason Shawn Alexander, Sam Henderson, Andy Bennett, Vince Locke, Tim Sale, Justine Mara Andersen.
Holland : Frans Mensink
New Zealand : Dylan Horrocks
British artists : Dave Mckean, Glenn Fabry, Simon Davis, David Lloyd, Brian Bolland, Hunt Emerson, James Harvey, Steve Yeowell
Polish artists : Magdalena Minko, Wu Es, Joanna JoKa Karpowicz, Mateusz Skutnik, Truscinski, (Thanks also to Michał Chudoliński and Paweł Timofiejuk for their support with Polish artists)
French artist - Baudoin, Joann Sfar, Beuh.
Italian artists : Rocco Lombardi, Caterina Crepas, Sergio Ponchione
Finnish artists : Tommi Musturi, Sami Makkonen, Marko Turunen
Danish artist : Rune Ryberg
Austrian artist : Nicolas Mahler
Swiss artist : Alex Baladi
Israel Artist : Rutu Modan
Croatian artist : Danijel Zezelj
Egiptian Artist : Tarek Shahin
mexican Artists : Gaston Ortiz, Tony Sandoval
Swedish artists : Kolbeinn Karlsson, Nicolas Krizan
Spanish artists: Santiago Sequeiros, Felipe H. Navarro, Kosta, Fidel Martínez Nadal, Javier Olivares, Javier Rodriguez, Sandra Hernández, Alejandro Santos, Fernando Vicente, Lem Castañeda Serrano, Ruben Pellejero, Juan Díaz Canales, Juan Berrio, Chema García,Jon Ander Azaola, Piedad Ortiz, Carmen Ortiz, Daniel Esteve, Dolors Font, César Moragues, Pedro Espinosa, Albert Pons Vázquez, Miguel Almagro, José Luis Ágreda
Portuguese Artists : Dário Duarte, Osvaldo Medina, Ana Maria Biscaia, Ricardo Drumond, Ágata Rola, Sérgio Rocha, Paulo Pinto, Tiago Araújo, Débora Fortunato Moreira, Quico Nogueira
Japanese artist : John Kurokawa
Puerto Rican artist : Nivea Ortiz
Argentine artists Carlos Dearmas, ED ED, Fer Calvi, Carlos Nine, Quique Alcatena
Brazilian artists:
Eduardo Filipe Sama, Luciano Salles, Rodrigo Rosa, Alex Korolkovas, Barbara Nogueira, Rafael Sanzio, Camilo Solano, André Diniz, Brao, João Azeitona, Eric Peleias, Victor Freundt, Alcimar Frazão, Laudo Ferreira

Many thanks to other artists that are still finishing their artwork and to all artists that couldn't make a tribute due to deadlines on their own work.

it's being quite a ride.
exclamation mark
Just some fun that I had, being a bit side tracked while on a commission. When inspiration and punctuation marks hit, there's no stopping me :) For the facebook version I didn't add skimpy clothes for a change but just another exclamation mark :)
I saw her (Emily Blunt) in a couple of movies and liked her instantly. A special face and a graceful personality. I'm never too happy with the photography of celebrities as I would preferred different expressions than available but I still had to give it a go and capture her in (digital) paint. So, I did :) Ah well. Practise is always a good thing.   
not a repost but not really new either, as this has been on the shelf for quite a while as well. It must have changed considerably over the years and there are probably older versions in my archives but I stick with this now :)  (censored on FB of course)
This was a genuine quick drawing. The idea came to me late this afternoon and I just did it in a couple of hours. OH stands for the gasp she would cause (with those that would appreciate her of course) but could also be her initials when she would be the leading character in an erotic adventure. :)
The Facebook version will be posted tomorrow. Some censoring to do first. :D Also, I find it a bit annoying that when you post two pix on the same day on Facebook it's a folder post and not an individual one. 
I would call this a quicky if it hadn't been in my Work In Progress folder forever. However, I didn't really spend much time on it. It just changed here and there over time until this point where I just have to kiss it goodbye. :)
Wild Blue
Actually started it as a new header for my facebook page but as it is too vertical in format that won't work well. However, I like the fact that it's a nude but I still don't have to censor it to post it to facebook. 


FransMensinkArtist's Profile Picture
Frans Mensink
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
I am a freelancer, self employed, self taught illustrator for 25 years. Started in Heavy Metal Art (CD art, gag-comic in Aardschok magazine, posters and such) but leaned towards the erotic and fantasy always (sometimes in a combination of the two realms). I have a graphic novel trilogy published by about Kristina, Queen of Vampires (hardcore stuff), had erotic and mainstream gag-comics published in magazines, newspapers and have illustrated websites, books and stories.
I do many storyboards and such (lay-outs, animatics) for ad agencies worldwide.

I photograph models often now which has helped me with the lighting in my paintings and I try to capture my models as they have not seen themselves before. Sexy, intense and sensual more often than not. Usually not for publication though as my models are rarely interested in seeing their photos online.

Limited numbers of personally autographed posters are available at

For much more art and information visit my ALL NEW official website Online since May 4th 2014:


Yes, I am always open for commissions.
There are some things you might want to consider before contacting me though;

I do custom artwork and that means I have to know what I would have to do, how you would like it to look, how the character(s) should be and what the painting should depict. It's also important to know what will happen with my painting when it's done. Is it for publication or private use and what size and format would be preferred? Those are important details that influence the price.
I can't consider commissions without a full briefing.

I am pretty versatile and good at what I do. I'm fast, efficient, discrete and reliable, but I am never cheap.
Nothing worthwhile comes from a budget under 150 Euros, so I will usually have to pass on that. I could do things for less but not my way. That's why I'd rather leave that to others. Erotic art is frowned upon anyway and it won't get any better if I would do rushwork just because the budget is not adequate.


I'm not limited to erotic art. I'll be happy to make you something else. As I am in advertising I can make almost anything believable. As long as the main subject is people. I doze off when I only have to make machines of any kind, buildings or landscapes.

Most commissions do not make it into my galleries. That is because they're either too personal and sensitive for the client or because it is too different for my portfolio. I'd like that to reflect my personal interests.
I have to consider that whatever I post anywhere might generate more similar commissions and I am careful not to wind up in scenes or get stuck on subjects that are not mine. I don't mind to digress now and again thematically but all within limits as time is always of the essence.

I hope you understand.


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With Halloween coming, will we see a Return of Kristina? Maybe with some special prey like Buffy or Faith?
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Nope :) :bow: Thank you! :bow:
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