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MoonyMara by FransMensinkArtist
Some models I can't not paint when I find them. I came across MoonyMara on Facebook ( I told her right away she should have her own comic but I know that is usually too difficult to make happen so I just painted this to get it out of my system :) I would probably volunteer to make that comic though. She would make a stunning leading lady. Not necessarily in this type of setting though. She's very versatile and fits practically any possible story I would think of. Damn!   

There's a nude version as I start like that usually to get the anatomy right, when I don't have a photo for the pose, but with bow, belts and dagger that just looks silly. So this is just another: "Mom, I painted clothes again" :D  
Shadow of a Ghost by FransMensinkArtist
Shadow of a Ghost
I like to kick ideas around and this is just one of many. Meet Henderson who used to be a successful industrial designer and hasn't slept more than a wink since his girlfriend Kate was brutally murdered by an unknown attacker years ago. She didn't leave this world. She hung around Henderson to guide him to catch her killer as she is afraid that he might kill again and again. Henderson can see Kate all the time but that certainly does not help him sleep. Their search for the elusive killer takes them to weird and creepy places and to crime scenes they would rather not have seen and during their quest they meet many tortured spirits that they either help or abolish to make life easier for the living around them. Will they find Kate's killer? Who knows. :)   
Should I or Shouldn't I by FransMensinkArtist
Should I or Shouldn't I
This one is inspired by who does seem to work a lot with models that could've or should've been in any of my paintings anyway. :) The title does refer to her dilemma though; should she put that on or just stay as she is. The version for facebook involves a towl... That choice won't be as difficult :)  
Funny stories;
Last week I received two requests by note within the same hour on the same day. One was by the only lady in the western world not having any reasonable digital photographing device (camera, webcam or phone) who sent me photos from the 1970/80's and claimed they were recent. I don't mind working from vintage material but the requester should always be honest to me. I'm not that stupid. When you work with images all day you tend to get an eye for it. I told her what I thought and she blocked me immediately.
The other one was from someone I presumed being a transvestite or transgender who wanted me to paint him/her. Could have been a woman with some imagination.
The material in his/her gallery consisted only of pictures yanked from the internet without proper credits in which his/her head was edited in very poorly and it really did not look good in any way, shape or form.
I don't work with material like that and I don't work with trans-anything. Not because I judge but because it's outside my realm of interest and when I spend time on something I like to be interested.
I only wrote back that it would never happen and he/she still had to ask why not.

I get a lot of odd requests (even though I rarely do requests) but so far not back to back on the same day. Must have been full moon? I guess it's time to paint another werewolf :)

Too Short Shirt by FransMensinkArtist
Too Short Shirt
I did some smaller breasted pinups before and what I didn't expect was that smaller breasted women thanked me for them, in both notes and comments.
I never realised before that it is really not represented that often even though in my view it's definitely not less attractive or less sexy or sensual. Quite the contrary actually. 
The fact that it is not common might give the wrong message to women everywhere. Maybe that's why so many women decide to get the fake boobs. 
So I decided to paint smaller breasts on a regular basis.
It is a bit more difficult to paint, at least for me, as the shading is much more subtle and shapes vary more and are tricky to get right at times depending on lighting and pose but I'm not lazy and I like challenges that may cause a positive ripple in the pond of beauty. 
Worth it! 

P.S, some guys commented on my previous smaller breasted pin-ups that they thought the boobs were too small. That was something I did expect though and it mysteriously activated my block button immediately...

Innocence by FransMensinkArtist
Maybe, May be not... :D Working on another print image and this came out. Might be too intense though even with top (see Facebook for that)...(?) 
reclining beauty by FransMensinkArtist
reclining beauty
It may puzzle some, but I really like to do this type of image the most. Just a simple tribute to beauty with elegance and sensuality. It's lots of fun to make it more spectacular with arms and armour or other fantasy elements of all kinds, interesting lingerie or settings and lighting but this is the reason why painting interests me. The basics. Whether it is a standing, sitting or lying down pose, trying to get it to look natural and alluring with a touch of tease in her eyes. I still find it challenging and every time I find the time to do one I come across details that need more work than anticipated. I have dozens of this type of image in my WorkInProgress folder. There'll always be more to come.

I am, for some time already, actively looking for that specific woman that has the time, courage and creative inclination to do a whole series of these in a photography-painting combination for a coffee table book.
If you are or know someone that would fit and lives in or close enough to the Netherlands; refer her to me please! 

This image is at the printers for a specialty test print on 80 x 60 cm reboard. I am testing to see if I would offer it to clients or the general public for that matter. 


FransMensinkArtist's Profile Picture
Frans Mensink
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
I am a freelancer, self employed, self taught illustrator for 25 years. Started in Heavy Metal Art (CD art, gag-comic in Aardschok magazine, posters and such) but leaned towards the erotic and fantasy always (sometimes in a combination of the two realms). I have a graphic novel trilogy published by about Kristina, Queen of Vampires (hardcore stuff), had erotic and mainstream gag-comics published in magazines, newspapers and have illustrated websites, books and stories.
I do many storyboards and such (lay-outs, animatics) for ad agencies worldwide.

I photograph models often now which has helped me with the lighting in my paintings and I try to capture my models as they have not seen themselves before. Sexy, intense and sensual more often than not. Usually not for publication though as my models are rarely interested in seeing their photos online.

Limited numbers of personally autographed posters are available at

For much more art and information visit my ALL NEW official website Online since May 4th 2014:


Yes, I am always open for commissions.
There are some things you might want to consider before contacting me though;

I do custom artwork and that means I have to know what I would have to do, how you would like it to look, how the character(s) should be and what the painting should depict. It's also important to know what will happen with my painting when it's done. Is it for publication or private use and what size and format would be preferred? Those are important details that influence the price.
I can't consider commissions without a full briefing.

I am pretty versatile and good at what I do. I'm fast, efficient, discrete and reliable, but I am never cheap.
Nothing worthwhile comes from a budget under 150 Euros, so I will usually have to pass on that. I could do things for less but not my way. That's why I'd rather leave that to others. Erotic art is frowned upon anyway and it won't get any better if I would do rushwork just because the budget is not adequate.


I'm not limited to erotic art. I'll be happy to make you something else. As I am in advertising I can make almost anything believable. As long as the main subject is people. I doze off when I only have to make machines of any kind, buildings or landscapes.

Most commissions do not make it into my galleries. That is because they're either too personal and sensitive for the client or because it is too different for my portfolio. I'd like that to reflect my personal interests.
I have to consider that whatever I post anywhere might generate more similar commissions and I am careful not to wind up in scenes or get stuck on subjects that are not mine. I don't mind to digress now and again thematically but all within limits as time is always of the essence.

I hope you understand.


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hello there, you art is AMAZING as always!

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